Apr 14, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 7

Once again five more illustrations for the twitter group @Sketch_Dailies. Doesn't really matter if the topics are something I would normally like to draw- it's more the fact that it 'forces' me to draw and to draw a diverse range of characters. Check out their website too.

Carmen SanDiego


Hawaiian God of Thunder

Pro Wrestler - Ultimate Warrior

Flavor Flav

Apr 6, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 6

This week's Sketch Dailies- if you're not doing the daily sketch tasks yet, then you should- check em out and on twitter @Sketch_Dailies.


Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes


The Invisible Man

Video game: Paperboy

Apr 2, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Retweet

So yes I am a complete art nerd and get excited by the little things that others may take for granted but yesterday after 5 weeks of drawing each day, I got retweeted by the online twitter group @Sketch_Dailies.

@Sketch_Dailies on Twitter

Not only is this a buzz because it is an endorsement of the art you have created for that day's topic, but it also means that my work has the potential to be seen by the 16.3K followers of @Sketch_Dailies. My work has been favourited by the group previously, but never retweeted. I also picked up some new followers of my twitter account, including the @Sketch_Dailies group themselves, which is pretty cool considering the number of followers versus the number of people they are following.

Lots of retweets and favourites on my twitter account 

To a lot of people this may seem a small thing to be excited about, but for me it provides some much needed affirmation in my art. I struggle to believe in my abilities as an artist so this is a boost for me. Being retweeted also means that my work was featured on the Sketch_Dailies website.

Sketch Dailies website- mine is 4th from the left.

The topic incidentally was Aquaman, a superhero I don't know a lot about other that the fact that he is a man and lives in water. Here is how I interpreted the topic- with a mash up of the Nirvana Nevermind album cover (woot old school)

Aquaman Nevermind

Mar 31, 2014

So This Was Pretty Cool

As most of you would know, I am partial to playing World of Warcraft and also drawing fan art based on the game for my friends. I drew this particular piece (seen below) for a 6 year old who is absolutely enamoured with the Lich King and his dragon. I decided to go with a chibi version of Arthas because, well a true to form version might be more than a little scary for a 6 year old. I also follow a few fan sites based on World of Warcraft and was surprised to see my little drawing had been picked up by one of them and shared on facebook- bit of a thrill any time you see your art taking on a positive life online.

My art picked up and reposted by WoW facebook group The Alliance. 

Mar 30, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 5

Another week, another batch of Sketch_Dailies- check them out on Twitter here and join the fun.


Me as a Muppet


Hello Samurai

Tarzan Gender Bend

Mar 23, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 4

Have still been sticking to the daily routine of doing a sketch a day from the twitter group @sketch_Dailies or check them out online here. Even when working as a relief teaching I've maintained the daily sketching which I think is a definite win in terms of motivation. Not every sketch is a ball tearing winner, but its the process of thinking it through and actually making time to do art that is the real win for me.

St Patrick's Day

Fake Pokemon

My Swaggy Little Pony

Thor: God of Tantrums and Thunder

Barbarella 1968

Mar 16, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 3

Another week, another lot of Sketch Dailies .

Topic: Crazy Horse

Topic: Heffalumps

Topic: The Monkey King

Topic: Troll

Mar 10, 2014

Frozen Fan Art: Elsa the Snow Queen

Fan art from Disney's newest release Frozen , Elsa the Snow Queen looking all sassy. This image is inspired by the promotional posters released late 2012.

Mar 8, 2014

Sketch_Dailies Week 2

This week's topics were: Three Blind Mice, Ultraman, Velma from Scooby Do & Beetlejuice. Join the daily fun on twitter or facebook look for @Sketch_Dailies.

Three 'Blind' Mice




Mar 1, 2014

Sketch_Dailies 4: HRH Prince

Last Sketch_Dailies post for this week, Prince:

1 March 2014