Jul 29, 2017

Game of Thrones Fan Art- Ghost

A quick sketch of Ghost, Jon Snow's Dire Wolf from Game of Thrones. Have been wondering where he has been the last few episodes- hopefully asleep under a stairwell somewhere enjoying puppy dreams.

Each of the Stark children were given a Dire Wolf from their father Ned Stark:

The life expectancy of these wolves is pretty low, but then again so are the life expectancy of literally every single character on the show.

As of last episode, we now know where Nymeria is and is alive :) 

Jul 27, 2017

Tyrande Whisperwind Fan Art

Managed to fit in some Blizzard fan art over the last couple of weeks- Tyrande Whisperwind is a character from World of Warcraft. This portrait took a while, I think because I really wanted to do the source material justice (been playing WoW for close to 10 years now- yikes).

Yellow Background used to define the white areas of the armour whilst working

Finished portrait: 

May 10, 2017

Wonder Woman Fanart

Some Wonder Woman fan art inspired by the upcoming film starring Gal Gadot- so don't want it to fail. Plus I needed something to take my mind off work. Trailer below:

Finished Piece

Mar 3, 2017

Harley Quinn Fan Art

Found some time during term to finish this bit of fan art. Harley Quinn from the DC Comics Cinematic Universe and the Film Suicide Squad

Sorry my bad (shaking my head) Academy Award winning film, Suicide Squad; blog post for another time. Robbie was the best in this film. 



Jan 13, 2017

My Tribute to Carrie

Every so often a celebrity death occurs and it has a real impact on the individual; usually because that celebrity was a part of our collective childhood and it felt like we knew them.

Carrie Fisher was one of those actors for me. Princess Leia (played by Fisher in Star Wars) was the first strong female on screen character that I remember as a kid, she was as smart (or smarter?) as the male characters, as strong, as brave, as fearless and tough. Princess Leia, and the sensibilities lent to the character by Carrie Fisher made the character a role model; the original kick ass rebel princess.

This is my tribute to Carrie Fisher in the role that made me and thousands of other little girls realise that we could rescue ourselves, lead an army and save an empire and still get the man (if we wanted).


Finished Piece:

Jan 4, 2017

Pet Portraits for Christmas

Now that Christmas is over for another year I can add the WIP images for two pet portraits I did as Christmas presents.

Meet Archie:

Finished Piece

And Pepsi: 

Finished Piece