Feb 22, 2011


Without much guidance from the 2nd year scriptwriting subject where we were supposed to learn the craft of scriptwriting for animation, I have just completed the second draft of the Draco script.

I made the decision early on that I wanted to test the script on a range of readers before even beginning to animate a single scene. As a animator I not only want to demonstrate all that I have learnt in animation so far, but I also want to tell good stories. So now I wait to hear back from my test readers, then the script will be revised again before being sent out to a different lot of test readers. My attitude in relation to opinions and criticisms is that I would rather know now than waiting till we get further down the track and find ourselves trying to animate something that just isn't a very good story.

So for now? I wait.

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  1. ok, got some feedback and now let the culling begin :) I now im too wordy and that its heaps too long, but I definately appreciated the feedback in other areas that I had thought of, but dismissed. There is something very theraputic about slashing large portions of your written work :)