Mar 23, 2011

Last Week was a Tough One

Last week we met as a group with the scriptwriting supervisor and it was kinda tough. Trying to express my vision of the project was difficult and hearing that the entire project was a horrible idea was heartbreaking.

So, after a little cry I went home and thought about the project as a whole rather than just as a script. I took on board the suggestions from other team members and that helped me hone the story to a more manageable narrative. I think the thing that was upsetting was the threat that the core idea of the project was a bust and had to be changed. Once I worked through the narrative another 3 or 4 times I could see that it was possible to keep the central idea but alter the actual narrative to make it doable in the time limits.

The story has now paired down to a coming of age tale about a little dragon who wants to fit in but has a habit of sneezing and the most inappropriate times. He gets a chance however to step up to the plate and become a hero. I love the classic form of the hero's journey and this has been the basis of the entire project from the beginning.

We had another project meeting on Tuesday where we came together as a team and worked out the major overreaching vision of the project. We established that we are looking to create an old school vintage cartoon with a focus on theatrical character animation through strong lines of action and comedy.

After a rocky start I think we have the opportunity to start and finish an amazing film, I can't wait to see it done :)
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