Jan 4, 2012

Learning a New Program

New Year, new program! Looking at doing something quite different for my Hons project, aesthetically different in terms of the animation styles that I have tried in the past. I think that the story I want to tell needs a more artistic authentic visual that looks as though it has been scratched into paper. Well that is where it is headed at the moment. I have started compiling a reference folder and have tried TVPaint for the very first time tonight. I quite like the idea of using it to obtain a painterly aesthetic whilst still using good ol Toon Boom Animate Pro for the bulk of the animation, this was a tip from film maker Simon Cottee who used it in his final year film.

I think that the style of render in TVPaint will suit my colouring style and at the moment I am toying with using it predominantly for the backgrounds with an almost pen and ink style for the animation and figures- just an idea, influenced by the Monk and the Fish aesthetic:

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