Mar 27, 2012

So Then This Happened....AWESOME

I'm an avid user of social media, I had a Facebook account before it was cool, when everyone else was using MySpace I linked my two accounts lol, wonder whatever happened to MySpace lol. I also love Delicious and am keen to try Pininterest and of course I love to blog :D

So when I saw that Computer Arts Magazine (UK) had a Twitter feed (@ComputerArts) I had to follow along. The magazine has been a favourite of mine for years so when I tweeted a link to my current Hons work I had no idea that they would actually think it was good enough to include on a daily gallery of inspiration. But then this happened:

I know in the grand scheme of things its only little, but it means a lot to me because as an artist you tend to spend a lot of your time creating images uncertain as to whether they have any affect on the viewer or whether they are any good- but there is it, my Nan's Chinese dog statue, over a hundred years old, painted digitally by me and now on the interwebs lol. To see it in context click here 

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