Oct 22, 2014

Redbubble Shop

Decided it was time to look for a more artist friendly site than Etsy. Etsy seems to be great for craft, but as an artist I was still stuck with the cost and hassle of organising printing and the prohibitive cost of printing my work on products other than paper print.

Had a look around at the different sites available and settled on redbubble, an Australian site that is based upon artists making money from royalties of the sale of a wider variety of products that display artwork. The range of products is a plus from iphone covers to cushions and bags and the pricing seems reasonable- in particular for paper printed products such as prints and stickers. Not sure whether this will be long term, but it is a good way to keep myself focused on my artwork whilst being busy at my day job.

Will keep you all posted on how things are going. To check out my website click here. Below are a sample of my artwork available on various products, there are a heap more on my redbubble shop.

Krogan Love

Little Loki

Questing Buddies

Hey Mario!



Aquaman Nevermind

Heart of Roses

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