Jan 23, 2011

Promo Concept Art

Created some promo concept art to really help 'sell' the idea of the characters visually during the pitch. Although this particular piece of promotional material doesn't give away anything of the character in terms of his motivations and I like the fact that it is very much an expected vision a of 'cutsey' unicorn; a concept that is subverted in the film.

The script is coming along well so far, well the first draft anyway. I made the decision early on that I wanted to tell a good story and that it had to be a story that was universal in experience regardless of the fact that it is being told through the lives of mythical beasts. Once the script is complete it will be sent out to a range of different readers for their opinions and suggestions, I would rather get ideas for improvement now rather than later down the track. Of course I'm pleased and proud of the idea, but its not a sacred cow and can easily be changed or improved based on the suggestions of others.

In terms of character development, I am pleased with the unicorn progress and hope this week to move onto more thumbnails that capture movement, decide on mouth placement and then move onto the young dragon, the protagonist of the story.

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