Aug 9, 2011

Early Thesis Ideas

Practitioner's Statement:

As an artist and an animator I have always been fascinated by the sense of community amongst artists and also the creation of community within the artworks themselves. It is for this reason that I am interested in investigating the growth of community in the constantly evolving art-driven realm of the MMORPG. I am intrigued specifically by the presence of communities such as in game guilds and organisations that establish a sense of identity that visually designates the individual player as being a part of a particular community.

Key issues such as the strength of such communities, the validity of their manufactured existence in a manufactured world and the ramifications of their existence in terms of both game play and the ‘real world.’ An integral aspect of this study of the evolution of the community within MMORPGs is the unavoidable designation of the ‘other’ or those that fall outside the membership of the group. The general parameters of this research will be guided by my own experience within MMORPG as a Guild Master, but will also be widened to include a diverse cross sections of games plus an historical context that may provide insight into the communal nature of gaming.

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